Institute Recognition

In addition to the institute recognition, there are seven more naming opportunities for the Civil Rights Institute. Click on a section of the map to the right for more information on each opportunity.

Institute Recognition
Bank of America Diversity Center Atrium Archive/Incubator Space RAAHS Exhibit Center Altura Media Center Staff Center Walk of Fame

Bank of America Diversity Center

Home to public programming and children's programming focusing on civil rights; including serving as important regional venue for art, theater, film, music, literature, story telling, and social discourse.


Venue for outdoor events, social functions, performances, and celebrations, including events that promote voter participation, expos that support minority and disadvantaged businesses, children’s programming, and donor recognitions.

Archive/Incubator Space

Public access facility for regional civil rights materials and a locus for collection of papers and records relating to the civil rights history of the Inland region. An incubator facility for scholars, research, and capacity building among civil rights focused organizations.

RAAHS Exhibit Center

Venue for presenting civil rights stories, including minority settlement; education, employment, housing, gender, race, and marriage equality; voting rights; Native American history; and rights for persons with disabilities.

Altura Media Center

Facility for audio and video oral history projects, including on-going “Story Corps” style remembrances by those engaged in civil rights in the region. Production site for television and radio programming on civil rights topics.


Staff Center

Workspace for Director and marketing/program staff including, support for incubator users as a part of capacity building for emerging civil rights focused regional organizations.

Walk of Fame

A celebration of the Inland region’s rich civil rights history, decorative flagstones recognizing those whose work has had a regional, statewide, national, or international impact on furthering the cause of civil rights.