Civil Rights Institute Of Inland Southern California Under Construction In Riverside

By Benjamin Purper | Empire KVCR News The Civil Rights Institute of Inland Southern California is now under construction in downtown Riverside. It’s meant to be a place of action and conversation around civil rights in the Inland Empire. The $43 million, five-story...

The Civil Rights Institute of Inland Southern California is the marquee component of a 92,000 square foot project that will also provide 72 units of urban workforce housing and a new home for the offices of the for Fair Housing Council of Riverside County.

What's Been Accomplished to Date?

Silent Phase of Fundraising Underway

Development Team Assembled:

  • Fair Housing Council of Riverside County
  • Wakeland 501(c)(3)

Project Planning and Commitments:

  • Site acquired and assembled
  • Commitment from the City of Riverside
  • Conceptual site and facility planning complete
  • Entitlements approved
  • Conceptual architectural complete
  • Construction drawings underway

Capital Financing 96% Identified:

  • $11 million equity generated by Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • $2 million permanent loan
  • $14 million Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities loan
  • $ 1.5 million general partners contribution
  • $ .7 Fair Housing fund raising
  • $ 2.8 million Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention loan
  • $ 3 million City of Riverside loan

Total $ 35 million